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Welcome to Busy Little Kiddies !

My name is Carine, I am originally a scientist but for the past 8 years, I chose to stay home in my kitchen and focus on my passion: my kids. I am the mum of 2 busy kids, Emma 8 years old, and Luka 4 years old and here we share all our favorite vegetarian kid recipes and a bit of craft and science experiments! 

We’re animal lovers, and while we only have a pet cat, we have many dogs coming home all the time to enjoy our dog recipes!

They love getting involved in any kinds of creative activities and here I am sharing with you

I have been cooking and writing blogs for almost 12 years.

Author of two other recipe blogs, Sweetashoney.co and TheConsciousPlantKitchen.com, my passion is to share my interests to inspire and help you.

I have a background in science, especially chemistry. That’s why I love mixing things so much to create recipes, edibles or not.

I also love capturing the moment of each activity I do with my family, taking pictures of my kids having fun with the activities we created together. That’s why you see lots of little hands sneaking around my photography.

I hope you enjoy this fun space for kids, all recipes and games tested and approved in my home, and I hope it will bring fun to yours as well!

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Have fun,


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