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Easter Sensory Bin for toddler

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This fun Easter sensory bin activity for toddler is a cute activity for preschool busy little kids around Easter.

Easter sensory bin

How to make Easter sensory bins?

To make this early childhood Easter activity, you need few things that you can easily get from a dollar store. First gather some of these:

  • Plastic eggs of any color and shape – these are great for hiding things of different textures, including natural materials like leaves, sand, rice, lentils, or even play-dough.
  • Shredded paper
  • Easter-themed chocolate – even if you don’t offer the chocolate to eat to your kids straight away, hiding their favorite Easter chocolate makes it way more fun.
  • Easter craft decoration like cute fluffy chickens or nest or bunnies.

Step 1: choose a bin

You can make sensory bins in pretty much any container. A sensory bin doesn’t have to be big it simply needs enough space to fit your kids’ hands. It is a sensory activity and the goal is to have enough space to hide lots of objects with different textures to encourage playful learning.

Step 2: bin filler

The best bin filler for an Easter sensory bin is shredded paper. You can find colored shredded papers from dollar stores. It saves time, and it is quick and easy to put together in the bin. You can also use different bin fillers like rice, oats, lentils, sand, and more.

Easter sensory bin
This fun Easter sensory bin activity for toddler is a cute activity for preschool kids around Easter.

Step 3: hiding Easter-related object

Now, hide many plastic Easter eggs all over the bin and make sure you fill them with fillings of different textures.

The best fillers for the plastic eggs are food from your pantry like red lentils, rice, oats, homemade playdough, or my 2-ingredient cloud dough recipe. Make the dough different by squeezing sequins, colors, sparkle, or essential oils to stimulate your kids’ senses.

Easter sensory bin

Step 4: have fun!

You can also use this sensory bin to to hide chocolate. It’s a fun preschooler egg hunt activity on rainy days.

Easter sensory bin

How to play with this Easter eggs sensory bin?

For kids under 3 years old, simply ask them to find the eggs. To increase their fine motor skills, encourage them to open the plastic eggs themselves.

For toddlers or preschoolers, you can use this Easter sensory bin as a learning activity. Ask your toddler to count the plastic eggs, sort them by colors or size.

Easter sensory bin

Did you enjoy this toddler Easter activity? Share a comment or review below! I love to hear your feedback on my sensory play activities.

Easter sensory bin for toddlers

Have fun, Carine

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