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Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils for Toddlers

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Kid salt dough dinosaur fossils are cute little fossils made with an easy salt dough recipe and perfect to entertain small kids for hours.

Salt dough dinosaur fossils DIY

These salt dough dinosaur fossils will keep your kids busy for hours! They are fun to make with a simple salt dough recipe and great entertainment to play paleontologists games.

How to make salt dough dinosaur fossils?

This is a fun and easy activity to make with your little one at home.

Step 1: make the salt dough

First, make a batch of my easy salt dough recipe with 3 ingredients. You can also divide the recipe in half if you don’t want to make too many fossils.

Step 2: roll the dough and cut-out shapes

When the dough is formed, divide into small balls and roll each using a silicone rolling pin. It is recommended to roll the dough into 1/4-1/2 inch thickness. Then, use cookie cutters with a round or rectangle shape, making sure the shape is wide enough to fit your kids’ dinosaur toys’ paws.

How to make Salt dough dinosaur fossils

Step 3: stamp dinosaurs into the dough

Now, use different dinosaur toys to stamp dino feet into the pre-cut salt dough shapes. You can also stamp the side of the dinosaur’s body, be creative and create a range of different salt dough dinosaur fossils to impress your toddlers!

Salt dough dinosaur fossils stamps

Step 4: bake

Finally, bake the dinosaur fossils on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper for 60-90 seconds. If you have the patience to air dry the salt dough dinosaur fossils overnight before baking, they will last even longer.

Salt dough dinosaur fossils

Step 5: decorate

This is a fun dinosaur activity to do as well, painting these salt dough dinosaur fossils is very simple and entertaining for your busy little kiddies. Prepare some acrylic paint if you want the colors to pop out and last longer.

Otherwise, some water paint works as well. Below you can see some simple decorations made by my 4-year-old as dinosaur fossils decorations.

Kids also love sticking things into it, like googly eyes or sparkles. Let them be creative with this easy craft recipe!

Salt dough dinosaur fossils for kidsSalt dough dinosaur fossils for kids


Where can you dig your dinosaur fossils?

Your kids will love play Jurassic games with these salt dough dinosaur fossils. Some ideas where you can hide them are:

  • real salt or kinetic sand
  • cloud dough – it’s a very crumbly dough that can hide objects very easily.
  • soft brown sugar
  • rice
  • shredded paper
Salt dough dinosaur fossils

Give some paintbrushes to your little one to work on their dinosaur digging mission! Have a look at my kids’ dinosaur sensory bin for more ideas on how to build a dinosaur world with toddlers.

How to play with dinosaur fossils?

Another great game kids enjoy is the matching stamp game. Ask your little one to find which stamps belong to which of their dinosaur toys by matching the dinosaur fossil marks and dinosaur feet.

Salt dough dinosaur fossils for little ones

Then, for older kids, you can ask them to write the dinosaur’s name on the back of the salt dough dinosaur fossil using a felt pen.

Salt dough dinosaur fossils at home

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Salt dough dinosaur fossils

Have fun, Carine

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