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Salt Dough Easter Egg Decorations

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Make beautiful Easter eggs decorations using an easy salt dough recipe made with only 3 ingredients.

Easter egg salt dough ornaments

How to make salt dough Easter egg decorations?

It is super easy to make cute, Easter egg decoration using salt dough. Below I listed the simple step-by-step tutorial with pictures to make them.

Step 1: make the salt dough

First, prepare a batch of salt dough for ornament following my easy 3-ingredient salt dough recipe.

Step 2: Roll the dough

To make ornaments, you must roll the dough onto a piece of parchment paper and use a soft, smooth rolling pin.

The best rolling pins are silicone or glass rolling pins. If your rolling pin is made of wood, use two parchment paper pieces to roll the dough. This will avoid marking the top of your ornaments.

How to make Salt dough Easter eggs ornaments

For ornaments, the best thickness is about 1/2 inch. If you make them too thin, they break easily. On the other side, thick ornaments take ages to bake and harden.

Step 3: cut out egg shapes

Using a sharp knife, cut out egg shapes of any size. Small sizes of less than 5cm/2 inches in diameter bake faster. Then, cut out the leftover salt dough and remove it, as seen in the picture below.

easy salt dough for ornament

Step 4: make a hole

Using a straw, dig a hole on top of your ornament, not too close to the edges as it can break the sides of the salt dough ornament. This hole makes it easier to hang your lovely Easter decorations.

salt dough Easter decorations

Step 5: carve

Now, use toothpicks or any kitchen tools you have on hands like the back of a fork to carve the rolled Easter eggs decorations.

Make sure you don’t press too hard to avoid going through the dough. You can make some holes, lines, any shapes that then can be filled with paint, sparkles etc.

Easter eggs in salt dough

Step 6: dry the dough

Next, transfer the Easter eggs decoration onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. First, air dry the dough for 24 to 36 hours.

Then, bake in an oven preheated to 250F for 60-90 minutes. Depending on the size and thickness of your ornaments, they may bake faster. They are ready when the ornament is white in color and hard.

Step 7: cool down

Cool down the ornament on a cooling rack for 3 hours before decorating.

Step 8: decorate

Decorate the your salt dough Easter egg decorations using acrylic paint, sparkles or stick sequins with glue.

Salt dough Easter ornament

Then, insert ribbons into the premade hole and hang the ornament anywhere in your house.

How to store Easter egg salt dough ornament?

After Easter, wrap the Easter egg ornaments in newspaper or gift wrap and store them in a sealed box in a cold, dry room for next year.

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Have you made these Salt dough Easter egg decorations? Share a comment below or join me on Instagram to share a picture of your creation.

Have fun and happy Easter, Carine

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