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French Worksheets for Kids

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Learn French with these colorful, bright, fun, and educational French Worksheets for Kids. An easy way to learn about French basics words like colors, days, numbers, and basic conversation starters.

French Worksheets for Kids Free

I am French, I have been raising my 2 kids bilingual for 8 years, and I can tell you that teaching French to your kids should be fun and start with a few simple basics like colors, numbers, part of the body name in French.

Download your printable worksheets below and starts the french immersion of your toddler with a fun activity.

How do French worksheets for kids work?

These French worksheets for kids have been designed for preschoolers or school kids keen to learn a few basic French words.

Learning a language for kids is pretty easy before 5 years of age and using these bright, colorful pages is a great tool to encourage them to start.

Step 1: Printing the Worksheets

First, download my free French worksheets and print them. I recommend printing in color because kids enjoy learning more with bright colors.

Step2: Following the Order

I designed these pages for kids that don’t even read yet. They are easy to use because of their matching color or pictures.

Offer the learning worksheets in the order below, and use my answers below to proofread your kids’ work.

Step 3: Proofreading using the Answers Below

Kids Favorite Fruit Names in French

Kids love food, so learning about fruit names in French is fun.

  • Kiwi in French is “kiwi.
  • Lemon in French is “citron.
  • Strawberry in French is “fraise.”
  • Orange in French is “orange.”
  • Apple in French is “pomme.”
  • Banana in French is “banane.”

Remember that in French, each object or fruit has a gender. They can be feminine (‘la‘ in front) or masculine (‘le‘ in front).

For example, banane is feminine while citron is masculine.

Basic Color in French

Colors in French
  • Blue in French is “bleu.”
  • Orange in French is “orange.”
  • Red in French is “rouge.”
  • Green in French is “vert.”
  • Pink in French is “rose” like the rose flower.
  • Yellow in French is “jaune.”

Counting Up to 10 in French

Numbers in French Worksheet
  • One in French is “un.”
  • Two in French is “deux.”
  • Three in French is “trois.”
  • Four in French is “quatre.”
  • Five in French is “cinq.”
  • Six in French is “six.”
  • Seven in French is “sept.”
  • Eight in French is “huit.”
  • Nine in French is “neuf.”
  • Ten in French is “dix.”

Face Parts in French

Body part name in French
  • Eyes in French are “les yeux.”
  • Hair in French is “les cheveux.”
  • Chin in French is “le menton.”
  • Ears in French are “les oreilles.”
  • Mouth in French is “la bouche.”
  • Nose in French is “le nez.”

Days of the Week in French

  • Monday in French is “lundi.”
  • Tuesday in French is “mardi.”
  • Wednesday in French is “mercredi.”
  • Thursday in French is “jeudi.”
  • Friday in French is “vendredi.”
  • Saturday in French is “samedi.”
  • Sunday in French is “dimanche.”

Basic conversation starters in French

  • Good morning in French is “Bonjour.”
  • I speak French in French is “je parle francais.”
  • My name is in French is “Je m’appelle.”
  • Hello in French is “Salut.”
  • Yes in French is “oui.”
  • No in French is “non.”
  • See you later in French is “A bientot.”
  • Please in French is “s’il vous plait.”
  • Thanks in French is “merci.”


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I hope you had fun learning French with your kids using my worksheets online! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below in English or French or connect on Instagram.


4 thoughts on “French Worksheets for Kids”

  1. Love these French worksheets for kids! As a teacher, I’ve found that engaging young learners through interactive activities like these can really help them retain the language. Will definitely be sharing these with my students!

  2. Love this resource! As a mother of two young children, I’m always on the lookout for fun and engaging ways to teach them French. These worksheets are perfect for kids, with bright colors and interactive exercises that keep them engaged and motivated. Thank you for sharing!

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