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Kids Soap Foam Bath – Tons of Bubbles Guaranteed!

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This fluffy Soap Foam bath for kids is the funniest thing ever and the best sensory play activity to make kids bubble bath. A safe bath kid activity from 3 years of age to discover foam.

Soap FoamSoap Foam

It’s raining, kids are bored, and mummy is tired. How about having a soap foam bath activity, then? The good things about this are:

  • Kids play for hours
  • They are clean in the end and don’t need a bath at night

Well, on the other hand, this can be quite a messy play activity, so prepare some towels and a mop as there will be some splashes in your bathroom for sure.

How to make soap foam?

Soap foam is simply foam made of soap and water. While some recipes call for dish soap, I prefer to use kids’ liquid bath soap simply because it’s safer for their skin.

So to make this cool foamy bath, prepare:

  • A large bin or large plastic container – mine is a 25-liter (26-quart) box. I know it sounds big, but believe me, that soap foam gets bigger and bigger, so it’s better to use a large bin or it overflows everywhere.
  • Cold water from the tap.
  • Kids liquid bath soap
  • Liquid watercolors or liquid food coloring.
  • Essential oils for a nice smell if you like but totally optional.

Then add 1 cup of water in the plastic container, 1/2 cup of liquid soap, a few liquid food coloring drops, and start beating with your kitchen hand mixer on high speed.

At first, it makes few bubbles, but as you go, the foam becomes dense and voluminous – that’s why you need a large container, or it overflows quickly.

When the foam is set like whipped egg white, stop the beater and pour it into your bathtub.

Et voila! This is how to make foam for kids.

How to make Soap FoamHow to make Soap Foam

To make a rainbow soap foam bath, repeat this step a few more times, adding other rainbow colors into the mix. We made three colors, green, blue, and pink, but of course, you can make more.

Turning it into a learning activity

I provided each kid with a small kitchen sieve, a bucket, and tongs. I hid some of their favorite small toys in the foam like LOL dolls, Paw patrol figurines, or dinosaurs.

Then, I asked the kids to explore and try to pick their toys. You can ask them to race each other, and the one with the most toys wins.

You can also hide plastic letters, numbers, or pom-poms – a bit more difficult to dry, though.

How to make foam for kidsHow to make foam for kids


The cleaning of this activity is pretty simple because it’s only made of kids’ soap! Rinse the bath with lukewarm water. That’s it.

Other places to play with it

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can also set up an outside play area for the kids. Add the soap foam into a large bin and let them dig it and pretend to play.

They can wash their toys, play cooking, or scientists making foam potions!

Foaming Kids Soap

More kids sensory play ideas

Below I listed a few more sensory play ideas for kids that you may love to try as well:

I hope you enjoyed this foaming kids soap indoor activity for kids. If you do, leave me a comment or review below to connect with me or join me on Instagram for more fun.

Soap Foam

Soap Foam

An easy fluffy Kids Foam Soap recipe for hours of fun in the bath !
5 from 16 votes
Prep Time2 minutes
Total Time2 minutes
Author: Carine



  • Add all the ingredients above into a large bin of about 25 liters (26 quarts).
  • Beat on high speed with a hand mixer until ultra foamy - takes about 1 minute.
  • Pour in the bathtub and repeat with other colors to create a rainbow foaming kid soap activity.

Safety warning

  • This makes the bathtub super slippery, so make sure the kids sit in the bath and always stay nearby or add a bath mat at the bottom of the bathtub.

Soap Foam for kids

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