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Winter Bingo Free Printable

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This Winter bingo free printable for 4 players is a fun game to welcome the winter season. Made with colorful winter spirit pictures, this bingo printable engages the kids in playing and learning about all the things that make winter special.

Winter Bingo Free Printable

As you know, I am a big fan of children’s printable games, especially printable bingo cards to celebrate the beginning of seasons or big events.

The reasons why bingo printables are so popular are simple:

  • It’s free and easy to print and set up.
  • It brings the whole family together.
  • Even small kids can play.

I designed these Winter bingo printable cards to be fun but also to teach kids about all the important things we see in winter.

Winter is a beautiful season that is so much more than Christmas and Santa! So let’s play.

Step 1: Print and Laminate

First, download your printable winter bingo PDF and send it to the printer. You can print the bingo in its original colors, as seen in the pictures, or select your printer’s black and white option to save your color cartridge.

Next, laminate each winter bingo card to keep the bingo bards waterproof and reusable each year.

Another option, if you don’t have a laminator at home, is to place your bingo printed pages into plastic sheets and seal the top with transparent tape.

Step 2: Cut Out the Call-out Cards

Print and cut the call-out cards. There are two pages of call-out cards in this game. Next, place the call-out cards into a bucket or a bowl.

Step 3: Select the Bingo Chips

Now, select some items to use as bingo markers. You will need quite a good amount so choose something like:

  • Pom poms
  • Marshmallows or any candies – kids love playing bingo games with candies!
  • Tokens form another board game, like a 4 in a row game.
  • Coins
  • Buttons

Step 4: Set the Rules

Now that you are ready to play, give one board to each player and set up the rules.

As you can see, each card includes a free space square. The free space is where you can place a bingo chip anytime, even if the bingo picture picked is not appearing on your board.

  • Rule 1: The first player covering a row with token wins.
  • Rule 2: The first plater covering diagonal wins – meaning it has to cover the free space area.
  • Rule 3: The first player covering the entire bingo board wins – it takes a while, but why not?

Of course, these are only basic bingo rules, and you can be creative and create your own rules.

Winter Bingo

Step 5: Play

Let’s play! Give a board to each player and ask one player to start. The first player to play picks a calling card in the bucket and shows the picture to all the players.

Each player who’s having the shown picture on its board place a token on the picture to hide it.

If the picture doesn’t appears on your board you can use the free space spot to place a bingo chip. Of course, if you already used your free space, then you can’t play and skip a turn.

Next, ask the player on the left to be the calling card picker. Repeat until someone wins and make sure everyone has a turn picking cards!

Keep it for next year!

When you finish playing, same all your printed bingo games in a folder so you can play again year after year,

I like to store the calling cards in kitchen plastic bags.

Winter Bingo

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Download your Winter Bingo Free Printable

This winter bingo game includes a bingo set made of:

  • Six pages
  • four pages are your bingo boards.
  • Two pages are the bingo calling cards to cut out.


This file is for personal use only. Don’t send them to friends or family instead send them the link to this blog post so they can download their own file!

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I hope you enjoyed this Winter Bingo Printable set and that you had lots of fun playing with it. Comment below or join me on Instagram to share pictures of your printables and how you set your bingo activity!


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