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Easter Bingo Free printable for kids

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This Easter bingo free printable game is an easy and fun game for kids 3 years old and older. The kids love these Easter-themed flashy pictures on their board, and it’s a great game to add to your Easter crafts and Easter egg hunt activities this Easter.

Easter bingo free printable 5 players

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This is a free Easter printable game design for kids and parents. There are no age restrictions! Anyone can join, have fun and celebrate Easter with this easy Easter bingo.

Play with different rules to make it more challenging based on the age of the players and have fun with this game boards while Easter dinner is in the making!

Printable Easter bingo game cards

What’s an Easter bingo?

Easter bingo is a kid bingo game with Easter-themed images on the bingo boards. It’s a fun and interactive game to play with the family on Easter weekend or at school for an Easter class party.

How to use your free Easter bingo printable

First, download the Easter bingo free printable game cards here. You will get a PDF file that you can directly send to your printer. You will end up with 7 pages, including:

  • 5 bingo cards for each player – if there are more than 5 players, play as a team!
  • 2 pages with the call-out cards to cut-out and place in a bowl or Easter basket.

What do I need?

To play this fun easter bingo game, you need:

  • A printer – to print the Easter bingo cards and call-out cards.
  • Scissor – to cut-out the call-out card.
  • A bowl – or hat or Easter basket to hide the call-out cards.
  • Cute Easter tokens – to hide the images that are call-out on each turn. You can use things around the house like dried beans, cereals, buttons, candies, etc.
  • Up to 5 players.

How to set up the game

First, print out all the Easter bingo free printable cards and call-out cards. Next, protect the five players’ bingo cards in clear plastic sheets or in laminating pouches.

Then, cut-out the call-out cards and choose an Easter-related object to place them in, like an Easter basket.

Now, you are all ready to start the game. Follow the rules below based on the age of the players.

How to play Easter bingo with images

There are different ways to play bingo depending on the age of the players.

Easter Bingo free Printable

Bingo rules for 3-5 years old

Below are the rules for 3-5 years old:

  1. Give one bingo card to each player. There are 5 cards available, so 5 kids can play. Place the call-out image in a bowl or Easter basket.
  2. Place some tokens on the table that the kids can pick. It can be anything Easter-related like Easter chocolate, small Easter bunnies/chicken, jelly beans, or natural objects like rocks, buttons, etc.
  3. Draw a card from the Easter basket and show the image to the kids.
  4. Now, let your kids search the image on their bingo card and cover it with one of the tokens you prepared if they found it.
  5. The first kid to get 5 images covered in a row or column says bingo and wins the game.

This is the basic rule to play with kids under 5, very easy to follow and fun!

Bingo rules for 6+ years old

For bigger kids, you can create more challenging rules like:

  • Describing the image instead of showing it.
  • Instead of filling a row of tokens, ask them to create a letter, like a C shape or U shape or L shape on the board.
Easter Bingo Printable

What is the free spot in bingo cards?

There is a free space in the middle of this kid bingo game. This space is considered “called”. For big kids, you can add an extra challenging rule that doesn’t allow you to use the benefit of the free space.

Printable easter bingo game

I hope you enjoyed this Easter bingo free printable activity. If you try it, leave me a review or comment below! I love to hear back from you.


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Easter Bingo printable

Have fun and Happy Easter, Carine

3 thoughts on “Easter Bingo Free printable for kids”

  1. i printed this once and it only printed a few pages and then 1/2 of the next. missing some pages. I have not been able to get it to try again, so maybe it’s set up for one time use? I’ve tried to go back in and request it be sent again and that’s not working either!
    help. I really want to use this next week for a kids party. Thanks Sue

    1. Hi Sue,
      You might be experiencing issues with your printer, the file definitely downloads and is complete. There’s no DRM, one-time use, or any restriction on the PDF.
      You can download it as many times as you want and print it to your heart’s content!
      I just tried the download just in case, and it is working fine.
      Have you checked the download folder on your device?

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