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Spring Bingo Free Printable for Kids 4 Players

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Celebrate Spring with this fun, free printable spring bingo for up to 4 players! A colorful, fresh bingo game with vibrant kid-friendly call-out cards to celebrate the spring season and have a fun family game night.

Spring Bingo printable

Kids love games, and bingo is one the easiest games to play with kids of any age. It’s a great way to learn new words and have fun with the whole family. This Spring bingo is designed to entertain with color, fun pictures, and simple rules, so let’s have fun!

What’s A Spring Bingo?

A Spring Bingo is a bingo game with Spring-related call-out cards. This free spring bingo is an easy game to play and a great learning game to learn the Spring season vocabulary.

What’s included in the free printable spring bingo?

This printable includes all you need to play with 4 players. You can downloaded at the bottom of this post a PDF file that you can print including:

  • 4 free printable spring bingo cards – these are your bingo boards. You can laminate them to protect them and save these game boards for next year.
  • Call-out cards included as well – same as before, laminate the call-out cards to save them for longer. Cut out along the cutting lines and store in an envelope.

How to play spring bingo?


First, download the free printable spring bingo PDF file to your computer. It is easy to play and a fun spring game with kids from 3 years. Follow the rules below to play.


Then, send it to your printer. I recommend printing on good quality paper. Next, laminate each page. This way, your game will last for ages!

Cut out call-out cards

Next, cut out all the call-out cards from the last two pages. Finally, place all the call-out cards into a hat, a box, or a bag to hide them from the players.

Bingo rules

Next, give one bingo board to each player and place many bingo tokens in a bowl so everyone can pick some to hide the image that has been picked from the bag.

Next, someone picks the call-out card from the bag and shows or describes the picture to all the players. If the picture appears on the player board game, they place a bingo token to hide it.

The game carries on until a full row is covered with tokens. The FREE cell can be used to place a token when the image on the call-out card doesn’t match any image on your board.

How to play bingo with kids?

Depending on your kids’ age, you can set up different bingo rules. For toddlers, the easiest way to play is as described above. It means the winner is the one that completes a row in any direction on the bingo board.

For preschooler or kids 8 years old and above, set up some fun rules like the winner must form a letter with the tokens. The best letter are C, D, T, E, L. But watch out, with this option you will need many more token to play, so prepare a lot of them.

Spring bingo free printable

Bingo Spring token ideas

This is a spring bingo game, so why not using Spring related token like:

  • Small flowers
  • Small rocks
  • Spring-colored candies like sprinkles

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Did you download your printable spring bingo game and love them? Share a comment below to tell me if you enjoy this fun activity with kids!


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Have fun, Carine

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  1. I absolutely love your bingo game. The pictures are so cute, just note that there is a couple of pictures that repeat on the same card, for example page 4 had two blue birds. Either way my EL students still love the game! Thanks!!

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