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Alphabet Bingo Free Printable with Pictures for Kids from 3 years old

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This Alphabet Bingo Free Printable is a great preschooler game to have fun and learn the alphabet letters. Plus, this alphabet bingo game is illustrated with animal pictures which make letter recognition even easier.

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Learn letter quickly with this fun alphabet bingo game! Kids love its flashy colors and animal pictures and will play for hours while learning one of the most important basics for school: the alphabet.

How To Prepare The Bingo Game

First, download the alphabet bingo free printable pdf file on your laptop (scroll to the bottom of the post to download). Then, open the file and send it to your printer.

Print your alphabet bingo free printable file. The set includes 6 pages:

  • 4 pages of uppercase letters bingo boards.
  • 2 pages with calling cards.

Now, cut out the calling cards form page 5 and page 6. Place the cards in a small bowl, a hat or jar.

Then, let the kids pick their favorite bingo board.

Finally, prepare lots of tokens to play. You can use any kind of token to play this abc bingo game. Kids loves:

  • Candies- like skittles, jelly beans
  • Water bottle lids
  • Small rocks
  • Button
  • Dried beans
  • Token from other game like 4-in-a-row game
Alphabet bingo free printable

Alphabet Bingo Game Instructions

Now that each player has a bingo board and that you have placed all the alphabet bingo cards in a jar, it’s time to play.

The best way to learn letters for kids is to associate letters and sounds. So we recommend playing sound bingo to help your little ones memorize their letter easily.

Pick a call-out alphabet card

Take turns and ask one player to pick a card from the jar.

Then, the player who picks the call-out card can:

  • Show the alphabet card to all the players – easier for kids above 3 years old.
  • Hide the card and describe the animal they see in the picture.
  • Hide the card and sound the letter and describe the animal they see – this only works if the player knows the alphabet already, so it is good for kids from 5-6 years old. But watch out. There are a few letter cards in the game that don’t have the same animal associated to it!

Choose the rule you like based on kids age.

Place a token on your board

Then, the players who can find the picked letter on their board cover it with a token.

Winning the game

Finally, the winner is the first player having an entire row or column of letters hidden with tokens.

It’s a pretty easy preschool game, so download your printable alphabet bingo game below and have fun learning with your kids!

Alphabet Bingo game

Why Are We Using Uppercase Letters?

While it’s very important to learn about lower case letters, it’s much easier for small kids to recognize uppercase letters.

That’s why this alphabet bingo free printable cards are designed with uppercase letter only.

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