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Halloween Bingo Free Printable with Pictures 4 players

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Get your 4-player Free Printable Halloween Bingo with bright Halloween-themed pictures. A fun homemade party game to play with family and friends and reusable year after year!

Free Halloween Bingo Printable

It’s that time of the year, Halloween is coming up, and kids keep asking me when Halloween is. Which Halloween costume should I wear? Should we decorate the house?

So as for any start of the season, I make a free bingo printable for kids.

It’s such a nice way to introduce a big event as they dream through the picture and have fun playing too.

Plus, you can reuse this Halloween activity year after year. Store your call-out cards preciously to don’t lose them. I personally like to place them in an envelope or jar.

Halloween Bingo Printable for Kids

How to play Halloween Bingo

Let’s play bingo! There are so many ways you can play with this printable Halloween bingo game. But first, let’s print it!

  • Step 1: Download the pdf file here on your laptop. Then, open the file and sent it to your printer – watch out this bingo boards are colorful so you need a full or quiet new ink tank color. Otherwise, send it to a printing shop, it makes the Halloween bingo cards so professional, looks like a store-bought bingo!
  • Step 2: Laminate the Halloween printable board to protect them and reuse later. I do this at home with my laminator, but again, you can do this in a printing shop.
  • Step 3: Cut-out the calling cards – there are 2 pages!
  • Step 4: Set up the Halloween games.

Halloween Bingo Printable for Kids

Setting up the game

Now that you are ready to play you need:

  • A container to place the calling cards. Since it’s Halloween, any Halloween party stuff like candy grabber, Halloween basket are perfect to bring the Halloween spirit to the house.
  • Tokens – the best are fun Halloween candies of course candy corn are a classic, but if you live outside the US like us, you won’t find them. So instead, we use Halloween themed color candies in orange, purple or black.

Now give one bingo board to each player, and take turns. At each turn, someone picks a calling card and shows it to all the players.

If the calling cards appear on your board, cover them with a token.

Halloween Bingo Printable for Kids

Winning Rules

Last thing before you start, set up the winning rules! Be creative and make your own. Below are some of the ones we like.

  • Rule 1: The first player covering an entire row with token wins. Remember, the free space can be filled anytime. If the picked calling card is not on your board, then you can still place a token on free space.
  • Rule 2: The first player covering the entire bingo set wins! that’s longer to play, but kids love that.
  • Rule 3: Halloween word search. The first one who covers a row including the ‘Happy Halloween’ wins.

Halloween Bingo Printable for Kids

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